Eclipse - Installing Plugins Globally

Hello everyone!

I’ve been working on a multi-user lab environment where we’re installing several software packages through snaps, eclipse being one of them.

To finish the setup however, there are a few plugins we need to install with eclipse, as we’re trying to avoid users needing to install the plugins themselves.

I have the jar files for the plugins in question, but I’m not sure if there is a location I can put them where they’d be picked up by eclipse for all users. I’ve tried /var/snap/eclipse/plugins, /var/snap/eclipse/40/plugins, /var/snap/eclipse/common/plugins, and /var/snap/eclipse/current/plugins; no luck with any of them.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated. Thank you!

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…watching. I have an eclipse plugin that installs to dropins/ folder. In my home folder I have .eclipse/360744294_linux_gtk_x86_64/ . Created dropins folder here and copied the plugin jar. My impression is that snap needs to know about this, but not sure where to go next.

Found this related issue from 2018:

Please file a feature request in the Eclipse snap GitHub Repo: