Echoing instructions after install / refresh / configure of a snap

Is there a way for me to output something from a hook to the tty where the user snap installed / refreshed (or configured) my snap? For context I tried adding something like this in my configure hook but of course that just gets logged:

… echo “ollama is running at http://$HOST” echo ‘’ echo ‘To see currently set configuration, see sudo snap get ollama.’ echo ‘’ echo ‘You can configure the service (e.g. host, port, model path, accepted origins) with sudo snap set ollama <key=value>’ echo ‘The service will restart automatically upon configuration changes.’

I would basically like to somehow indicate to the user that "hey it's running already implicitly after install, and configuring it is easy but a bit different to how you might have got used to with ollama" 

I could put something in the command chain and inject in the output of the interactive command `ollama`, but feels a bit weird to mess with the output of that tool, too.