Easy bug reporting tool

Hi, I’m thinking that a number of common applications, like Chromium, Libreoffice and Firefox are now available as snaps. However there isn’t (or I don’t know about) any automatic bug reporting tool to collect logs and automatically report.

So I’m thinking, that it could be useful to have something that works similarly to ubuntu-bug, but for snaps. It could be a part that packagers could have in their snap and to be invoked like app_name.report_bug.

It would simplify collecting logs (especially apparmor denials), environmental variables, version of the app where the bug occurred and similar things.

This could be especially useful for testing snaps in the beta and edge channel.

What do you think about it?


A while ago I implemented something like that for the libreoffice snap. This is quite limited though, because a strictly confined snap doesn’t have access to outside system information. So not as useful as it could be.

Taking advantage of the deb->snap transition for chromium-browser, I rewrote the apport hook to attach snap-relevant information to bugs reported with ubuntu-bug chromium-browser. I think this is a much better approach, leveraging existing tools and collecting really useful information. But it works only when there’s a deb package being transitioned to a snap.