Dwarf Fortress snap cannot handle text mode if started from application menu

With the snap dwarffortress, if [PRINT_MODE:2D] is changed to [PRINT_MODE:TEXT] in ~/snap/dwarffortress/current/data/init/init.txt:

  • Starting dwarffortress in a terminal works as expected
  • Starting Games > Dwarf Fortress Classic from the applications menu appears to do nothing: no terminal or other window is created and dwarffortress is not running in the background.

Apologies for taking so long to get onto this. I haven’t checked the forums in forever and received no notification of this problem. I’m looking into this now and can confirm it. Just updated to the latest version of Dwarf Fortress today so this is next on my list.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention and apologies for my late response. I’ll update this thread when I have this cracked.

Just released a fix for this issue, the details can be found in the ‘Major Updates’ section of the snap store listing: https://snapcraft.io/dwarffortress.

This means that dwarffortress will now launch a separate terminal window for standard ‘2D Mode’ and simply play within the terminal if using ‘Text Mode’.

Hope this helps. Apologies for the separate window, but this was the safest way I could accomplish the change.