Duplicates of MPV snap

Currently, there are 6 snaps of mpv. But, none of them are complete. That one which works the most is the mpv. So, I think, rather than duplication can’t we bring it under the snapcrafters umbrella/any other way to validate to this mpv. The current maintainer @SamAlex will maintain it. And if needed, I will be there too to help him. This will reduce the confusion by users and remove the suspicion one might be in by seeing all the 6 together.

Hey there i don’t consent to this and this is being unilaterally pushed by one person.

Being the current maintainer i am happy to maintain the snap and I don’t agree with the above suggested structure.

There is no talk regarding you not maintaining the snap. What I proposed is only to validate your work, simply because of those other mpv snaps.