Dump Plugin - target path

Hi there…

Working on the Krita snap, and the first step I thought I would do is simply update the existing YAML file and get the build working and then go back and see if there were newer ways of doing the build (or better ways).

Right now I have a portion with:

    plugin: dump
      qt5-launch: bin/qt5-launch

Where is that source path relative to?

I suspect my path is wrong as I am getting:

The specified command 'qt5-launch' defined in the app 'krita' does not exist or is not executable

Thank you.

source path is relative to your gadtget.yaml and snapcraft.yaml location.

my-project older
* folder1/qt5-launch
* gadtget.yaml
* snapcraft.yaml

your source path would be :
source: folder1
or will be if inline with the yaml file
source: .

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Ah, ok. That is what I did wrong. I did not add a source directive. Will give it a go now. Thanks!

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