Dry run installation / refresh

Has it been considered that an snap refresh --dry-run might be useful to many?

I have deferred updates, but there might be something cool coming down the pipe. I won’t know unless I actually update, and by then it’s too late, and the only recourse is to revert again. I’d rather not waste time refreshing a snap only to revert it if I’m not ready for the new changes / features / bugs which are introduced. It seems like --dry-run would be useful here, to produce a text output of what would get updated were I to update now.

I mean, I could probably script this by iterating through every snap I have installed and snap info them, look at the installed, tracking and the channel map and figure out what would get updated. But this feels like something that should exist in snapd / snap.

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Do you mean like snap refresh --list ? Or did you actually want to install/use the new version of the snap? You could do that with parallel instances, where you install the same version you have installed parallel to the one you already have on the old version, but the parallel one will be the updated one.

Well stone the crows! That’s precisely what I was after. Oopsie. Thanks!

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