Dragonboard core beta (2899) bluetooth problems

I’m seeing some strange results on our automated tests with rev 2899 in the beta channel. I did not see this on the previous beta (2847) or any of them before that. One of the test suites that gets run in checkbox uses the bluez-tests. Notably, the “Create Connection” test in hci-tester never exited. This is easily reproducible by either using checkbox-snappy.checkbox-cli to run those tests, or simply install classic and install bluez-tests under classic to run them
For example:

$ sudo hci-tester -p "Create Connection"

Create Connection - init
Create Connection - test timed out
Create Connection - teardown

Here’s an strace of that in progress: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25522848/

I also noticed that “LE Rand” fails, but it didn’t on previous runs either.

Here’s the list of installed snaps:

Name Version Rev Developer Notes
checkbox-snappy 2.2 860 ce-certification-qa devmode
core 16-2.27.6 2899 canonical core
docker 17.06.0-ce-1 156 docker-inc -
dragonboard 16.04-0.18 24 canonical gadget
dragonboard-kernel 4.4.0-1063.68 27 canonical kernel
wifi-ap 15 149 canonical

this tests can run without the bluez snap installed ?

Thanks for this problem report! The diff between r2847 and r2899 (both 2.27.6 based) is very small indeed, It puzzling that this affects Bluetooth. I’m keen to learn more and also wonder if reverting the core makes the problem go away.

Ok, quick followup - it does not seem related to the new core snap after all. There was a new snap installed, wifi-ap, as part of the overall testing process because it’s not there by default on all images. It seems that this is somehow related to the new failures. We can start chasing that problem separately, but I wanted to close this out since it no longer looks like it’s related to the new core revision.

ah, i was expecting that you always had wifi-ap installed.

AFAIK the driver can only operate in wifi/BT mode or in AP mode (which turns off BT), this would explain it …