Dragonboard : bt file recieve failed

i am able to send bt file from dragonboard to destination


But not able to recieve the files from destination to dragonboard, Any commands/configuration required to recieve the file?

Your application snap needs to implement the receiving side as described in the “Receiving Files” paragraph at the bottom of that page …

i am not able to find bluez-tests snap in the snapstore.

vinaysimha@localhost:~$ snap find blue
Name Version Developer Notes Summary
bluez 5.44-2 canonical - Bluez for Ubuntu
modem-manager 1.6.2-5 canonical - ModemManager is a service which controls mobile broadband

Hey, let me answer. The bluez-test snap is in ‘edge’ channel and has not yet made it to the stable because it still needs a quality work around it. Sadly we have captured it incorrectly in the document linked above - apologies.

You could still install it from the edge: snap install --edge bluez-tests and try to use it helping us out test it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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i am able to install the bluez-tests. when i run the snap getting error.

vinaysimha@localhost:~$ snap info bluez-tests
name: bluez-tests
summary: “Set of utilities that are not production ready yet help in testing”
publisher: canonical
contact: snappy-canonical-storeaccount@canonical.com
description: |
This snap contains a set of utilities that are not production ready however
at the same time help in testing Bluetooth on Ubuntu Core
Please find the source code at

snap-id: sSUIGmz3bSXaJwHSf6Y0JMSegSFFtEEH

  • bluez-tests.simple-obex-agent
    tracking: edge
    installed: 1 (4) 7MB -
    refreshed: 2017-03-06 17:15:55 +0000 UTC
    stable: –
    candidate: –
    beta: –
    edge: 1 (4) 7MB -
    vinaysimha@localhost:~$ sudo bluez-tests.simple-obex-agent
    /snap/bluez-tests/4/command-simple-obex-agent.wrapper: 6: exec: /snap/bluez-tests/4/bin/simple-obex-agent: not found

This is unfortunate and surprising. Let me check what is going on, could be that the latest revision was not uploaded to edge.


is there any new release for bluez-tests which fixes this issue
/snap/bluez-tests/4/command-simple-obex-agent.wrapper: 6: exec: /snap/bluez-tests/4/bin/simple-obex-agent: not found


is there any new release for bluez-tests which fixes this issue?
/snap/bluez-tests/4/command-simple-obex-agent.wrapper: 6: exec: /snap/bluez-tests/4/bin/simple-obex-agent: not found