DragonBoard 410C: GPS support?

We got a question in OpenHours today that I couldn’t quite field. Assuming I understand correctly, the DragonBoard 410C exposes its GPS via SSBI. It then has a kernel module that exposes it as a tty. Do we have this included in the DragonBoard kernel snap? Covered by an interface? Has anyone experimented with GPS on the DragonBoard using Ubuntu Core?

I haven’t… @ogra, have you looked into this by any chance?

nope, not yet (it isnt so easy to carrying around a dragonboard to get a GPS fix) … but i’m happy to add an interface if someone tells me the device name and data …

Hi guys (@kyrofa, @ogra), any solution for this issue?
I’m having also difficult to using the GPS on DG410C.

as i understand it the kernel would need the following config options enabled:

probably @ppisati can chime in here as the kernel maintainer and tell us if we have these bits …

along with that there are userspace parts that you’d need to ship in your snap to initialize the dsp (which drives the GPS chip) … this is called qdsp

there are some hints to git trees and such in: