Download failure 416

Sergio pointed me to the following download failure:

Download snap "core" (2465) from channel "candidate" (received an unexpected http response code (416) when trying to download  


I have not digged into this but I think we need to handle 416 with a simple retry.

416 means “range not satisfiable”, which seems pretty curious. The local file would have to get corrupted and extended beyond the normal length, or we have a bug in our range selection code (@sergiusens is your storage okay? :slight_smile:).

Retrying sounds good, but we probably need to skip the local partial file that was the cause for the range request.

I think this was @cachio and not me :wink:

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Ah, @cachio has been reporting lots of issues with his SD cards… wonder if that’s related?

This error happened running autopkgtests, this is the log

I found the error when I was reviewing the automatic tests for SRU Validation 2.26.10

Ah, I’d noticed this for the 2.27 autopkgtests. I’ve retried 3 times and gotten the same message each time:

It’s only happened for i386 so is it possible that there is something broken about the i386 core snap or the cdn’s handling of it?

That said I can download just fine from my machine (and from so… who knows.

I think we fixed this last week, between zyga and myself. We would previously not check the size of the partial and would ask for a download even though we’d already gotten the thing, and the server would 416.

Not sure whether this is before or after that though.