Dotnet for Ubuntu Core 18 RPi

Were can I find a dotnet snap that contains “dotnet sdk” and “dotnet runtime” ?

Used with Ubuntu Core 18 RPi.

Or a example snapcraft.yaml

I tried the snap store, and no results.


i fear microsoft (being the maintainers of the dotnet snap) simply did not build it for arm, you could indeed use one of the upstream arm tarballs and integrate them via a separate part.

What upstream source should I try and use ?

is there a DotNet snap for non-ARM?

sorry. source was a bit mis-named … with “upstream source” I rather meant “download source” for a binary build from microsoft …

has tarballs that you could consume from a separate part in your snapcraft.yaml, then use the after: keyword for the part with your actual application to make use of it …