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long time no see… I thought I’d say Hi! :slight_smile:

I was looking into snapping fluxctl ( It needs access to ~/.kube/config. AIUI it can’t do that, even with the ‘home’ plug. Not sure if this was discussed at some stage already, but would something like

  allow-dot: .kube/config

be an option?

Are there other options at all for me, or would this be a snap that forever has to stay in devmode?

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Hi there! Nice to see you around here :slight_smile:

I think the best person to work on this would be @jdstrand

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one alternative you could consider is requesting classic confinement. Although that would prevent usage on Ubuntu Core (all snap) devices. It also isn’t certain that any particular request will be granted. The reviewers like to ensure that every alternative is considered first.

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Any more thoughts on this? :no_mouth:

Looks like this was requested in already.


I’m afraid this one came in at about the same time as this other topic. Sorry that this one got left in limbo as a result! That wasn’t intentional.

I’m closing this, so discussion can focus on that one, but give me a shout if you’d rather keep this open for some reason.