Dose brand store support to control view list of different users?

If I have two customed snaps for two different users, I want each user can only view his own snap, dose brand store support this? Thanks.

Effectively yes, Brand Stores could segment access to those snaps with a different model and store per set of customers. However, it is hard to know from your short description if that would be the right fit for your use case. Can you provide additional detail as to your deployment scenario (desktop, server, Ubuntu Core device, etc) and snaps?

Thanks for you reply. We want to deploy Ubuntu core in IoT scenario. So different customers have their own devices. We create two snaps , one for customer A, the other for customer B. Customer A can only see snap A, can not see snap B. But snap A and snap B reside in my same brand store.

Hi, sorry for the delay in response. Our Brand Store solution can cover your requirements and I’d recommend you get in touch with our team via the contact form on

Thank you, I have already contacted with your canonical guys, and we had a good conversation.