Dosbox staging

dosbox-staging is an attempt to revitalize DOSBox’s development process. It’s not a rewrite, but a continuation and improvement on the existing DOSBox codebase while leveraging modern development tools and practices.


  • Improve the out-of-the-box experience for new users.
  • Encourage new contributors by removing barriers to entry.
  • Fix, cleanup, and integrate several notable community-developed patches that are not included in the SourceForge-hosted project.
  • Implement new features and quality-of-life improvements.
  • Prioritize DOS gaming , while welcoming general improvements (such as for productivity software) that don’t impact game emulation quality or code-maintainability.
  • Strike a balance between emulation quality , speed , and usability .
  • Deliver a consistent cross-platform experience.
  • Leverage ongoing DOSBox development.
  • Focus on supporting up-to-date, current Operating Systems and modern hardware.

I’ve been bundling this as my dosbox-of-choice for my snapped dos games for a while. It is a huge improvement over upstream dosbox and is trivial to snap. I’m not keen on maintaining a snap for this myself but would be happy to collaborate with anyone who wanted to try this as their first snap project.

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