Done: snapcraft 2.32


Start of work: 8 June 2017 End of work: 22 June 2017

Feature work

:white_check_mark: snapcraft whoami @elopio :white_check_mark: rust cross compilation support @kalikiana :red_circle: python plugin: asset tracking proposal @elopio :red_circle: Remote per project containers @kalikiana :red_circle: Protoype ruby snaps and plugin @kyrofa @elopio @bdx :red_circle: Cross compile with multi-arch packages @kalikiana :red_circle: lxd: Inject snapcraft and core snaps into the container @kalikiana :white_check_mark: ROS Lunar support @kyrofa :white_check_mark: ROS2 support proposal @kyrofa


:white_check_mark: Tutorial to use gobot @elopio :white_check_mark: Tutorial in the ROS wiki @kyrofa

Bug work

:white_check_mark: Use UTF-8 in docker images @elopio :white_check_mark: autotools: don’t force uniqueness on configflags @Saviq

Technical debt

:white_check_mark: snapcraft snap testing @elopio :red_circle: reproduceable builds test suite @elopio :white_check_mark: refactor fake servers to use pyramid @elopio :white_check_mark: autotools: don’t force uniqueness on configflags @saviq :white_check_mark: tests: refactor the travis jobs using stages @elopio :white_check_mark: cli: stop leaking green text @kyrofa :white_check_mark: cli: Add --version command @sparkiegeek :white_check_mark: Allow source-type to specify local @joc :white_check_mark: integrations: use the snapcore/snapcraft docker image in travis @Fil


:white_check_mark: Plan office hours @elopio @popey @wimpress


These release will not go to the ubuntu archive, only to the candidate channel of the snap store.

To install: sudo snap install snapcraft --beta

These are the tests that must pass before landing this new release in the candidate channel:


:white_check_mark: : Build snaps with the autotools plugin. :white_check_mark: Build rust snaps for a different architecture.


:white_check_mark: Enable the travis-ci integration in one project. Check that the snap is pushed to the edge channel.


:white_check_mark: Run the whoami command.

Release checklist

:red_circle: Create SRU bug :white_check_mark: Create changelog branch :white_check_mark: Run adt for xenial:amd64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for xenial:armhf :white_check_mark: Run adt for xenial:arm64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for yakkety:amd64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for yakkety:armhf :white_check_mark: Run adt for yakkety:arm64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for zesty:amd64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for zesty:armhf :white_check_mark: Run adt for zesty:arm64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for artful:amd64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for artful:armhf :white_check_mark: Run adt for artful:arm64 :white_check_mark: Merge changelog branch :white_check_mark: Tag the release. :white_check_mark: Write specific manual tests for the SRU :red_circle: dput to artful :red_circle: dput to zesty :red_circle: dput to yakkety :red_circle: dput to xenial :red_circle: Contact release team to accept into -proposed :white_check_mark: Move the snap to the beta channel :red_circle: Run QA over packages in -proposed :white_check_mark: Run QA over the snap in beta. :white_check_mark: Create release notes :red_circle: Contact the release team to release into -updates :white_check_mark: Move the snap to the candidate channel :red_circle: Update the docker image :white_check_mark: Send release update notice


Stakeholders, if there’s something you’re missing and would like to get it into this release, please speak up!

@niemeyer can you please make this post a wiki?

@elopio That’s done.

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