Done: snapcraft 2.31


Start of work: 18 May 2017 End of work: 1 June 2017

Feature work

:red_circle: snapcraft whoami @sergiusens :red_circle: Broader error case handling for the collaborators UX @sergiusens :red_circle: Better OS integration @sergiusens :red_circle: rust cross compilation support @kalikiana :red_circle: python plugin: asset tracking proposal @elopio :red_circle: parts caching proposal @sergiusens :white_check_mark: catkin plugin: support for rosinstall files @kyrofa :red_circle: Remote per project containers @kalikiana :white_check_mark: Cross compile support for go plugin @kalikiana

Bug work


:white_check_mark: Tutorial for travis integration @elopio (waiting for last review from the docs team) :red_circle: Tutorial to use gobot @elopio

Technical debt

:red_circle: snapcraft snap testing @elopio :red_circle: reproduceable builds test suite @elopio :red_circle: refactor fake servers to use pyramid @elopio :white_check_mark: refactor the state tracking of build packages to use apt changes @elopio PR #1340


Instructions to test a stable release update:

These are the tests that must pass before landing this new release in the -updates pockets of xenial, yakkety and zesty:


:white_check_mark: Build a Qt snap using the default version. :white_check_mark: Build go snaps for different architectures using --target-arch.


:white_check_mark: Build snaps with build-packages. :white_check_mark: Build classic snaps. :white_check_mark: Run all the snapcraft commands in different scenarios including failure conditions.

Release checklist

:white_check_mark: Create SRU bug LP: #1692102 :white_check_mark: Create changelog branch PR #1358 :white_check_mark: Run adt for xenial:amd64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for xenial:armhf :white_check_mark: Run adt for xenial:arm64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for yakkety:amd64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for yakkety:armhf :white_check_mark: Run adt for yakkety:arm64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for zesty:amd64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for zesty:armhf :white_check_mark: Run adt for zesty:arm64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for artful:amd64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for artful:armhf :white_check_mark: Run adt for artful:arm64 :white_check_mark: Merge changelog branch :white_check_mark: Tag the release. :white_check_mark: Write specific manual tests for the SRU :white_check_mark: dput to artful :white_check_mark: dput to zesty :white_check_mark: dput to yakkety :white_check_mark: dput to xenial :white_check_mark: contact release team to accept into -proposed :white_check_mark: Run QA over packages in -proposed :white_check_mark: Create release notes :white_check_mark: contact the release team to release into -updates :white_check_mark: update the docker image :white_check_mark: send release update notice

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@elopio can you work on that ^ ?

They’re sprinting, hoping to get it in tonight.

Working through another MP and bileto run for xenial on the click SRU.

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Click is now in artful release, and proposed for xenial, yakkety, and zesty. Trying to get snapcraft there now.

Alright, finally: snapcraft 2.31 is now in artful release, as well as proposed for xenial, yakkety, and zesty. It’s also available in the beta snap channel:

$ sudo snap install --beta --classic snapcraft

@elopio can you make a call for testing, please?


Call for testing

As @kyrofa mentioned, snapcraft 2.31 is ready for some crowd-testing. We invite everybody from our community to give us a hand, and learn about packaging and cool free software projects at the same time.

If you want to help, join us in rocket chat. I’m elopio there, and I would be happy to help you getting started.

The new release can be tested from the snap or from the deb.

To test the snap

sudo snap install snapcraft --beta --classic

To test the deb

Enable the pre-release updates, and install snapcraft with apt as explained here:


We have made a pretty big change in all the CLI commands. So the best way to help us testing this release would be to try to run all the snapcraft commands. We have a great tutorial to help you getting started with snapcraft:

The next step would be to try to make a snap for another application. You can choose your favorite application, or ask in rocket chat for ideas.

Please let us know about your results.

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Bugs found

None yet.

Some bling-bling

As we test, we take some screenshots to presume the nice features of the new release :slight_smile:

pocketplace, a simple and funny application written in go, for multiplayer painting with a pixel canvas.

faircoin2, the upcoming client for this proof-of-stake cryptocurrency.

parity-bitcoin, a new bitcoin client written in Rust.

mist, an electron ethereum wallet.

electrum, a Bitcoin thin client.

cool-retro-term, a cool retro term.

sia, blockchain-based marketplace for file storage.

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@niemeyer in order to finish the release I need to update
Can you please give me access there?

@elopio You are already an owner of snapcore there. Can’t get any more access than this I think.

Thanks for checking. So it seems I’ll have to delete the other image, and create a new one.

We are adding the Dockerfile to the repo, so we all can modify it.

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@niemeyer It seems that what I’m missing are permissions on the snapcore organization on github:

I can’t select snapcore/snapcraft from there. For now I’ve done it with my personal repo, but that will cause the same problem when I’m on holidays.

You’re definitely part of the snapcore organization in GitHub as well, and a member of multiple teams including snapcraft-contributors and snapd-contributors. I don’t know what exactly you are looking for or what permission they’re missing, but it’s not the first time I’ve been stuck trying to get organizations to work properly in Docker Hub. :confused:

I did some research on this and it is a dockerhub issue which is solved by actually talking to someone. I haven’t gotten around to do that just yet (just returning form holidays now) :wink:

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