Dolphin-emu udev rules

The Dolphin emulator has some udev rules to make use of WiiMotes, Mayflash Dolphinbar and the GameCube Controller adapter. Is it possible to get these rules added to an appropriate interface, if they haven’t been added already?

Udev rules:

For the GameCube Controller Adapter, those devices should be accessible if one uses the raw-usb interface.

As to the other rules with the hidraw subsytems, those we do not currently have an interface for. I think what we would like to do for hidraw devices is probably to add a new hotplug interface for hidraw devices, since the existing hidraw interface is meant to be exposed from a gadget for a specific device, so you would have to build your own specific Ubuntu Core image in order to access those devices from a strictly confined snap.

Nice! The raw-usb interface works perfectly for the GameCube Controller Adapter.

Do you know if this new hotplug interface is on the immediate roadmap, or does it still need a design to be thought up? I wasn’t able to find anything regarding it on the snapd roadmap page.

Also is there a way for the snap to automatically set up the udev rules, rather than getting the user to place them in /etc/udev/rules.d ? I had a look at this forum post and it sounded like the best way would be to add them to the backend of an appropriate interface in order to be done within the snap ecosystem? How to add or workaround a udev rule

We are working on making hotplug support non-experimental, there is one final thing we need to sort out which is how to handle duplicate devices, but after that I think it should be relatively straight forward to add additional interfaces which support this as long as it’s easy to identify what udev environment variables uniquely identify a device from other devices in that class (i.e. for USB the vendor and product ID).

Yes that is correct, the udev backend is the right way to do this.