Does uninstalling Chromium will solve, "snap "chromium" has bad plugs or slots" warnings?

When I update my PC, I saw this warning saying there
is a Snap warnings I should see.
So I went to the terminal to see what that warning is about. This is the result.

So does un-installing Chromium and reinstalling it from Snap mitigate this issue?

Distro: Ubuntu 20.04

Update: Just uninstalled Snap > Restarted the laptop > Still see the same warning.
Do I reinstall Chromium and ignore this warning?


The error is because the snap was updated to make use of an interface that has not yet been included in a stable release of snapd. This particular release of the Chromium snap on this particular version of snapd will always give that error.

To fix it, one of two things need to happen: (1) snapd 2.46 is released, or (2) a new chromium snap without the system-packages-doc plug is released. In the meantime, it’s probably easiest to ignore the warning.

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  1. Any ETA for snapd 2.46 release?
  2. So Canonical devs suppose to release Chromium without system-packages-doc since they are the publishers, right?

Thanks for the info.
I guess I will wait. It annoying to see warning.

The warning is annoying, but harmless, so you can safely ignore it.
A new chromium build without system-packages-doc will soon be available, indeed.
I’ll let the snapd team comment on the ETA for 2.46.

I can’t say specifically when snapd 2.46 will come out, but it will be at least 3 weeks