Does Ubuntu Core support Intel CPU hyper-threading?

Intel Core i CPUs support hyper-threading. E.g. the i7-9700 has 8 physical cores and 8 “hyper-threading threads” per single core. Does Ubuntu Core support this feature?

Ubuntu Core (and Ubuntu Server, from which Ubuntu Core is built from roughly speaking) is based on Linux so I’m pretty sure that hyper-threading is supported in the linux kernel unless this is some specific feature that has to be enabled with proprietary drivers (but my understanding of CPU features like this is that they are hardware based so it should just work)

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Based on the spec sheet, that particular processor doesn’t support Hyperthreading, as the number of threads equals the number of cores (it’s 8 threads total rather than 8 threads per core).

Thanks. You are right. If one looks further down in the processor specs there is a checkbox “Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT)” which is not ticked. If one compares the i5-1130g7 which is capable of HTT, the checkbox is ticked and the “# of cores” is 4, the “#of threads” is 8. This is consistent with the HTT definition on wikipedia which states

“For each processor core that is physically present, the operating system addresses two virtual (logical) cores and shares the workload between them when possible. The main function of hyper-threading is to increase the number of independent instructions in the pipeline; it takes advantage of superscalar architecture, in which multiple instructions operate on separate data in parallel.”