Does Ubuntu Core support boost of Intel processors?

Does someone konw if Ubuntu core for Intel NUC support boosting the processor (e.g. i7-8665u) frequencies? Does this include “Intel Thermal Velocity Boost”?

As I understand it, that feature mostly works independent of the operating system: left to its own devices, the package will overclock if its busy and has the power budget.

Linux does have support for turning the feature on and off, but it is generally enabled by default:

As with your other CPU feature question, the answer is probably going to be “if Linux supports it, then yes”. That’s not quite the same as saying everything is supported, since there are a few things Intel has held back (such as DPTF thermal management).

Thx a lot.

A far as I know one can enable/disable CPU throttling. Of course this is risky in case one does not have a proper cooling design. Does usual CPU throttling work for Intel processors?

Interesting: Implementing support for advanced DPTF policy in Linux