Does the Flutter extension really need the Flutter snap?

Hey there. I have packaged my Flutter app as a snap and I’m building it in the GitLab CI. As we all know in the GitLab CI we can’t use snap dependencies while building something with Snapcraft. So I ended up in not building the Flutter app while the snapping process but in another CI job (which is then also used for flatpak packaging and other stuff) and then import the prebuilt binaries there. The only thing that was missing are the runtime dependencies so I thought it would be fine to use the flutter extension. But this extension pulls in the Flutter snap again and does therefore not work in my CI. But why does it do this at all? The app is already built so we do not need flutter here anymore. Only thing we need is GTK stuff. My solution was to open up the flutter extension and remove the flutter snap from it and voila everything works fine. You can see my result here:

So my question is: Does the Flutter extension really need the Flutter snap? In my case it works fine without and I don’t see a reason it should be needed here. It makes sense in the snapcraft parts but not in the apps section as far as I understand the concept.