Documentation from this forum is now officially live on

About half an hour ago, was updated to display documentation content from this forum category, instead of from the old documentation repository, making the content contained here now the official snap documentation.

Each page on contains a link at the bottom to the related forum post, where it can be edited or discussed.

The codebase for the application that serves the new site is in canonical-websites/ on GitHub - if you encounter any issues with the application itself (as opposed to the documentation content) please file them there.

URLs from the old version of should redirect to sensible places in the new architecture (e.g. /build-snaps/go -> /t/go-applications/7818), or display a “410 Page Deleted” (e.g. /build-snaps/scriptlets) as appropriate. If we’ve missed any important redirects, please let us know by filing an issue.

Thank you everyone for your continued work on this excellent documentation. Keep up the good work!