Documentation for SNAPCRAFT_* environment variables

Where would one find documentation around the SNAPCRAFT_* environment variables?

The links in the docs (i.e. those parts metadata - prepare points to this page but that only outlines the SNAP_* vars.

I was able to find what I wanted by using:

override-build: |
snapcraftctl build

But that’s a bit of a pain to do.

For context the parts install dir is empty after the build step thus there is nothing to stage/prime. I’m pretty certain its because I need to move something around in the build step, i.e. from $SNAPCRAFT_PART_BUILD/build/install/bin to $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL (so parts/juju-db/build/build/install/bin -> parts/juju-db/install/)

Check out Environment variables that Snapcraft exposes

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Excellent, thank you @Lin-Buo-Ren, I’m not sure why my search didn’t uncover that.