Docker snap: bug fix availability


We are developing an IoT appliance (soon to go into production) that uses the Docker snap as one of its core dependencies.

In our testing, we encountered the following issue:

Which was fixed in October 2020:

We ended up raising a Github issue. It was pointed out that the fix is available in the edge channel - that other blocking issues are preventing the fix from being available in the stable channel.

While this was a great step forward (thanks for unblocking development :smiley:) - we would like to revert back to the stable channel.

Are the blocking issues being addressed such that the fix can make its way to the stable channel?

Thanks, Pierre

Hi, the fix from PR 9 is now in stable as of revision 796. We were blocked from releasing updates to the snap until was resolved, but that is fixed now.

Thanks for the info @ijohnson :+1:

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