Docker-machine vboxmanage not found in path

Have been using docker snap as non root user without issue, however docker-machine throws error "VBoxManage not found make sure virtualbox is installed and is in path."
vboxmanage is in path /usr/bin/vboxmange
The only solution on google is delete docker snap and install with apt, trying to avoid this.

@ijohnson - is this something you’ve seen before?

Unfortunately this is a bit of a predicament that we should have anticipated when bundling the docker-machine command in the snap, since I don’t think docker-machine can work as a classic snap since we would have to start bundling all of the possible VM’s/container engines inside the snap for docker-machine to work. For example here, docker-machine is trying to use VirtualBox which obviously isn’t inside the snap. While questionable, we could add VirtualBox to the docker snap, but then there are many other such “plugins” for docker-machine that one could use instead and as such I think docker-machine specifically should really be a different snap and be classic. A classic docker-machine snap could still work with a strict docker snap AFAIK. All that being said, I no longer maintain the docker snap, so the decision on creating/maintaining a possible docker-machine snap would be up to @tianon.

The solution for me was install with apt and download docker machine binary.

So, there’s really nothing in docker-machine that needs docker on the host it’s run – the original use case was to manage VirtualBox on a Windows/Mac OS host such that one could do local development more easily. I’m definitely 100% in favor of splitting it out into a separate Snap (or even avoiding a Snap for it, since it does have really odd bits like supporting external plugins to connect to arbitrary other backends that I’m not sure how you’d resolve within a Snap).

Given this I think making docker-machine a separate, classic snap makes sense (but note I’m not a reviewer so you’ll have to go through the process for getting classic confinement approved over in the #store-requests category).

Also slight correction to my earlier statement, I had said it doesn’t make sense for docker-machine to be a classic snap, I had meant to say it doesn’t make sense for docker-machine to be a strict snap since there are arbitrary binaries and plugins it may need to execute that the use would install.