Docker images for non-amd64 architectures?


I’m wondering if there’s interest in the snapcraft project maintaining snapcore/snapcraft docker hub images for other architectures than just amd64? Specifically we’re interested in using the docker images to build the snap using jenkins CI provided by the Linux Foundation and currently to build the snap they use a Ubuntu 16.04 VM which is slow, and also not available for the lone arm64 builder they have. So we are transitioning to using the snapcraft docker image to run the builds so they can run on whatever OS is available natively, and we’d also like to start building for arm64 using this same strategy.

It’s easy enough for us to roll our own docker image for these purposes, but obviously nice to have proper upstream support for it so we can just use that image.


I would definitely be interested in something like that, I am having trouble getting my armhf builds to run properly on CI servers.