Docker errors with ZFS

cc: @tianon

I’ve been encountering issues with docker containers failing to be removed with the attempts showing a ZFS error. e.g.

$ docker rm -f 9f0a193c95fb
Error response from daemon: container 9f0a193c95fbd03f6ec7db6ffebf499d6fa5a734516adec9788942c3690c0393: driver "zfs" failed to remove root filesystem: exit status 1: "/snap/docker/471/sbin/zfs fs destroy -r rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_t60y5t/var/snap/0877620153c7412d299cd0c68d2cde4d61ce950d72378d34278402e8eb25f38c" => cannot open 'rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_t60y5t/var/snap/0877620153c7412d299cd0c68d2cde4d61ce950d72378d34278402e8eb25f38c': dataset does not exist

This occurs randomly and I have no idea what situations cause the error vs other containers that delete without issue. This particular container in the log above is shown in docker ps -a like so:

$ docker ps -a -f ID=9f0
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                PORTS                                               NAMES
9f0a193c95fb        caf1822926fc        "/lando-entrypoint.s…"   4 weeks ago         Removal In Progress>80/tcp,>443/tcp   azlistingtest_appserver_1