Do snaps downgrade if the store revision is rolled back?

Hey everyone, I’ve a bit of a simple question but I’m really rushed for time right now and in all my time snapping I haven’t ever had a need to know.

I uploaded a revision X of a snap to stable yesterday. Today I’ve had reports that revision X is unstable, and I’ve put X-1 back on the latest/stable channel.

Will clients who’ve already updated to X downgrade back to X-1, or will they refuse because X > X-1.

I’m aware the snap revert command exists for this purpose, but I can’t instruct thousands of people to use it. If the downgrade isn’t possible, I’ll have to focus on reuploading the older revision but getting it a new revision assigned.

Thanks in advance

Yes, at a refresh systems will move to the revision at the tip of the tracked channel unless other mechanisms like validations block this. Revisions are never compared for anything but equality.

This behavior supports this kind of forced rollback when necessary.


Thanks for the response, it’s nice to know that everything Just Works™ :slight_smile: