Do I have a problem?

Host: Raspberry Pi 4 2Gb I installed SNAP a few weeks back to use Certbot SNAP for my SSL certs.

I have since then been getting lots of little issues with things stopped working.

After reading a few threads here I have run some of the commands for you to look at.

pi@server:~ $ snap version snap 2.52.1 snapd 2.52.1 series 16 raspbian 10 kernel 5.10.63-v7l+

I then ran journalctl --no-pager -u snapd and from the output I can see Snapd service having issues and terminating and trying to restart and then at 3:07 on the 3rd Decmber things stopped working like Apache and MySQL. Look at 3rd December near 3am Is this normal or do I have a problem. To me it would seem to be a memory issue but I am no it savvy person

Thanks for reading. STG

For the output of journalctl --no-pager -u snapd see this pastebin.

I did try to paste into this post but the site kept moaning about having more than 2 links

At the very least yes I can confirm your system has a problem, because snapd is timing out trying to start up. Are you able to edit /etc/environment to add SNAPD_DEBUG=1 and then restart snapd with systemctl restart snapd and then re-post logs here again? It clearly is trying to do something but it is taking too long and thus it fails to notify systemd and so systemd’s watchdog kills it.