Discovering available kernels


As a hacker/maker building something new with Ubuntu Core, it would be useful to have a way to discover what kernels are there for them to play with (both official and unofficial). But, currently, doing snap find kernel only shows kernels of the same architecture the system you are doing that query from.

Is there a way to search for kernels independent of architecture?

Would it be useful to have an option in snap find to search for any arch?


There’s no current option like that. Thinking about it I would add an option that searches irrespective of the current architecture. Something like this:

snap find --any-arch kernel`

I suspect it would be sufficient to not set the architecture field but @chipaca has the insight into what would be needed to achieve this

pehaps there is a magic store invocation that can search by snap type ? i guess a --type option for snap find wouldnt be a bad idea …
(kerrnel snaps are indeed type: kernel usually)

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There is a way to search by type using the store APIs. I would really like some javascript client like uapeplorer, or why not uappexplorer itself :wink:

I would prefer the --any-arch route, given it’s useful for any snap instead of just for kernel or core. System architecture is also something people relate to more easily, while “snap type” is something the vast majority of people have no idea about (and shouldn’t have to).

wrt, wasn’t the proposal to have snap find not filter on such things but instead add a note that it is not installable on the current system where the query was generated due to $REASONS?

Ah, indeed! That’s much better, and ironically the problem reported in this topic is exactly the sort of reason why.

So, what’s the outcome for this? Shall I open a bug for it? Is there already a bug?


it’s good to remember that an image builder can use only their own kernels or ours

Good to know. I didn’t know that. Is that documented anywhere?

No I think it came up in a bug and was quickly fixed but not documented anywhere.