Discord snap prone to breaking

As discussed here https://github.com/snapcrafters/discord/issues/105

I for one would argue that this sort thing should never happen. A user should never have to see that prompt. To anyone other than a tinkerer, the prompt is meaningless and potentially scary. Switching to a different snap channel should never be a proper solution for anything other than the adventurous. If you’re the kind of user that doesn’t trigger a manual update you could be toast for days.

What’s even worse imho is that it isn’t the first time. I’ve run into this particular issue with this specific snap on multiple occasions, and the solution has always been that some poor soul at Canonical has had to trigger a build in the middle of the night and publish it just so regular users do not have a broken and frustrating experience.

This has been broken for over 48 hours for a quarter million users. How this isn’t an urgent priority is baffling to me.

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