Discord snap doesn't show notification badge in KDE

I’m not really sure if this is a Snap issue, a KDE issue, or an issue specifically with the discord snap. But basically: a few weeks ago i’ve upgraded from Kubuntu 23.10 to 24.04 i’ve noticed that i’m not seeing how many unread mentions/DMs i have anymore basically this:


i don’t have this anymore and its really frustrating that i have to always check discord to see if someone messaged me or not.

Anyhow. I came around to the point of installing a fresh new copy of Kubuntu 24.04 which shipped with snap version 2.62.

when i launched discord with that version i had this error message in the terminal:

Picture of the Terminal Output

Anyhow, i updated to the latest version of snap (2.63 as of yet) and i noticed that this error message doesn’t appear anymore. however, i still don’t have a counter on the discord icon.

I have “show notification badges” turned on in application notification settings in KDE. so i don’t think that is the problem here.

Please help, I want to at least know which part here is at fault so i can open a bug report to get it fixed as soon as possible. its really frustrating.

According to screenshot, it seems that snap don’t have access to one of the interfaces. Have you tried command states in the store page? snap connect discord:system-observe After that, rerun app and check if it works.

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Hey, i reran it and it didn’t seem to work. i Remembered that before i re-installed Kubuntu on my PC my previous Ubuntu Installation had both KDE and Gnome. it seemed to have work in Gnome But not in KDE. Do you think this may be an issue with either Snap or KDE?