Disconnected interfaces don't re-connect when a snap is removed and, subsequently re-installed

I would expect a re-installed snap to always connect interfaces as it originally did, even if the interface was disconnected when the snap was removed. I encountered a problem with the following scenario:

  1. Install a snap (from the https://snapcraft.io/store) that interfaces to “:network” when installed.
  2. Use “snap connections” or “snap interfaces” to confirm connection to “:network”.
  3. Disconnect the interface via “snap disconnect snapname:network”.
  4. Use “snap connections” and “snap interfaces” to confirm the connection to “:network” no longer exists.
  5. Remove the snap: “snap remove snapname”.
  6. Install the snap: “snap install snapname”.
  7. Both “snap connections” and “snap interfaces” show NO connection to “:network”.

This happened with or without the “–devmode” flag when installing.

This scenario was executed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with both the core snap and core18 installed.

Seems like a bug to me.