Discobot welcome "tutorial" broken

Yes, I know that you can skip the step, but when presented with an onboarding tutorial, it should not be broken out of the gate. It definitely does not make for a good first impression. The SECOND step of the Discobot welcome tutorial thing has you send it a reply with a link, but no matter what link you send it, it does not work. If this is broken and not going to be fixed, then remove that step. If it is something fundamentally broken with the bot, then either remove the bot (as it is clearly broken) or get rid of the tutorial/onboarding. The whole thing is extremely offputting for a new user coming in to the space.

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Is this the “Death by Coconut” step? I remember that it didn’t work for me a few years ago, and I had to skip it in order to finish the tutorial. Removing the entire tutorial because of one broken step seems too drastic, but I agree that the step should be fixed. @Igor, do you know who can have a look and fix it?