Disabling 'middle click to paste'

Running Wayland as a KDE user and I’ve successfully managed to disable the ability across my system everywhere except for the snap that I use the most (TradingView). My uneducated guess is that TradingView is using x-server within snap or wayland in a way that is shielded from the default desktop env.

Does anyone know how to disable middle click to paste within a snap?


Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal way to disable middle-click paste specifically within snaps while using Wayland in KDE. Here’s why:

Snap Sandboxing: Snaps are sandboxed environments, meaning they have some isolation from the system settings. Disabling middle-click paste through KDE settings might not affect snaps.

TradingView’s Implementation: TradingView likely uses its own internal mechanism for handling middle-click paste, potentially independent of the system’s default behavior. However, there are a few approaches you can try:

  1. Check TradingView Settings:

Look within TradingView’s settings for any options related to pasting or middle-click behavior. Some applications might offer ways to disable this functionality. 2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts:

If disabling middle-click paste isn’t possible, consider using keyboard shortcuts for pasting (usually Ctrl+V or Cmd+V). This can be a more reliable way to paste content. 3. Explore Third-Party Tools (Advanced):

There might be third-party tools that can intercept mouse events or modify system behavior within snaps. However, these tools can be complex and come MaryKayInTouch with potential security risks. Proceed with caution if you choose this route. It’s important to research any tool thoroughly before installing it. Here are some additional points to consider:

Community Resources: Search online forums or communities related to TradingView or snaps on Wayland. Other users might have encountered similar issues and found workarounds.

Snap Maintainer: If you’re comfortable, you could try contacting the TradingView snap maintainer and inquire about disabling middle-click paste within the snap.

Wait for Updates: It’s possible that future updates to TradingView or the snap itself might address this behavior or offer more configuration options.

While there’s no guaranteed solution at this point, exploring these options might help you manage middle-click paste behavior within the TradingView snap.

I hope the information may help you.