Digikam is out of date and not officially supported by KDE

Hi, the Digikam snap is currently version 8.1 whereas the latest version of Digikam is 8.3.

This issue was recently logged on the KDE bug tracking system to request an update. The KDE team have said they are not the maintainers of the snap and that they ‘strongly recommend using a different (native) package format’.

This is an issue because the Digikam snap is shown with a green tick next to the name ‘KDE’ implying that the Digikam snap is official. (Snaps with green ticks in the snapstore do not have a link to ‘Report this Snap’ hence this post)

It would be great to see the Digikam snap updated and, if this isn’t an official KDE snap, maybe the owner should be changed to Snapcrafters or whoever really maintains the snap.

Looks like it got transferred to the KDE community in 2021, it is weird that they claim to not support it now Transfer digikam to KDE

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I had 8.3 in a branch using kde frameworks 6, I’ll make sure kde gets to build for it soon.


Great, is it also possible to verify ownership? I’m one of the weird ones that only installs snaps where I can trace the snap back to the original developer.

If the KDE team don’t own the Digikam snap how did it get a green tick? That also makes me wonder about all of the other ‘KDE’ snaps.

The green tick means the account named is the primary owner. Technically collaborators could also publish, but KDE would have had to have formally accepted a transfer at some point and decides who those collaborators would be (if any).

@scarlettmoore would you by any chance happen to be familiar with DIgikam :slight_smile: ?

I am ( KDE developer ) that is the maintainer of Digikam. Very odd for them to say that… I have to admit I am slaughtered with qt6 snap updates, only 190 left to go… plus two day jobs, and a very small personal life, in which I lost both my son and brother in the span of 2 months. I am truly trying my best. @sergiusens if you can do an MR in the digikam upstream repo, I will get it merged and built ASAP. Thanks for understanding.


All snaps for kde are hosted on Invent (KDE’s source hosting mechanism)

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Hi Scarlett sorry for your loss and thanks for your single-handed efforts to maintain the KDE snaps alongside everything else going on in your life.


Stay strong, and sorry for your loss :frowning:

don’t forget to take a break


Mam is very strong you know! :slightly_smiling_face: She’s one of the strongest women I’ve ever seen. :pray:

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@scarlettmoore this is so sad to read!

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@scarlettmoore I created


I also uploaded the version I built with this to the beta channel. I am going to exagerate and say the size of the snap has reduced to almost half the size, from snap info:

  latest/stable:    8.1.0 2023-08-25 (78) 393MB -
  latest/candidate: 8.1.0 2023-08-30 (80) 393MB -
  latest/beta:      8.3.0 2024-07-12 (85) 244MB -
  latest/edge:      ↑                          

This is mostly due to the muched improved kf6/Qt SDK from KDE folks (@scarlettmoore et. al.) and the new ffmpeg-2204 snap from @soumyaDghosh


Thank you so much @sergiusens, I will head over and merge now. Yes, we have been working hard over here making the qt6 experience much better than qt5. @soumyaDghosh has also been helping with our content snaps improvements and knocking out some KDE snaps. We will get them all done! Cheers, Scarlett

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@sergiusens we are now using upstream respective repos. Sorry I wasn’t clear. https://invent.kde.org/graphics/digikam should be where to do the MR. I really need to get them to disable that old repo. I will go ahead and merge this and commit the snapcraft file in the right place after we resolve some questions.

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