Digikam: auto-connection requests for photo importing tasks

Digikam is currently released as a snap using this Snapcraft project. One of the features of the tool is to easily manage your photos from your camera for culling and/or importing.

To make that task easier, I am requesting autoconnection for:

  • udisks2 for storage device enumeration
  • removable-media for mounting (sdcards or camera-as-storage)
  • mount-observe for digikam to check if the destination has enough storage space to hold the imported media

+1 for auto-connection of all 3. digikam is designed for worked with external media. @reviewers - can others please vote?

+1 from me to auto-connect udisks2 removable-media and mount-observe for digikam as this seems core functionality for this snap.

+1 for auto-connection on all three from me, as well.

3 votes for, 0 against for auto-connection of udisks2, removable-media and mount-observe. Granting. This is now live.