Different autoconf arguments for different architectures?

Dear all,

My snap needs different. /configure arguments on different architectures.

    plugin: autotools
    source: .
     - on arm64,amd64,armhf:
       - --prefix=/usr
       - --enable-clisp
       - --enable-sbcl
     - else:
       - --prefix=/usr
       - --enable-clisp

results in

Bad snapcraft.yaml content:

  • string type expected (in field ‘parts.maxima.autotools-configure-parameters[0]’)
  • string type expected (in field ‘parts.maxima.autotools-configure-parameters[1]’)
    Full execution log: ‘/home/gunter/.local/state/snapcraft/log/snapcraft-20230523-044346.747872.log’

while similar on statements seem to work in other parts of my snapcraft.yaml. Is this a bug in snapcraft?

Hi, this is unfortunately a missing delta for advanced grammar; the feature is not yet supported for plugin specific keywords