Difference between kubelet & kubelet-eks

Are there any differences between these two packages?

kubelet-eks has not been updated since June 5th 2018 with latest kublet version of 1.10.3. This is the snap that is used in the Ubuntu EKS image but it appears unmaintained (at least in comparison to the kubelet snap.

Can we safely replace kubelet-eks with kubelet if we’re using EKS? I’ve looked for source for kubelet-eks and can’t find it anywhere :frowning:

Thanks in advance

@tvansteenburgh - can you answer this question?

@mikesimons No, there’s no difference in the bits. The purpose of the *-eks snaps is to match and pin to the exact versions used by the EKS control plane. I would not recommend changing the node snaps to versions that don’t match the control plane. As EKS supports newer k8s versions, new Ubuntu images will be supplied with matching kubelet snap versions. For example, Ubuntu images for 1.11.5 will be coming soon.

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Awesome, thanks @tvansteenburgh & @jdstrand.