Device Limit for Snap Store Proxy


The outputs of snap-proxy status show the Device Limit is 5. Is this a default value? Is there a way to set it to unlimited or a higher value?

  Store ID: xxx
  Status: approved
  Connected Devices (updated daily): 1
  Device Limit: 5
  Internal Service Status:
    memcached: running
    nginx: running
    snapauth: running
    snapdevicegw: running
    snapdevicegw-local: running
    snapproxy: running
    snaprevs: running


The store team maintains the proxy AFAIK, i have moved your post to their category.

Thanks @ogra, so I guess I will need to submit a Canonical support ticket to change the number.

perhaps ā€¦iā€™m sure they will tell you if you file it :wink:

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