Device domain / domainname


I’ve seen a few posts regarding setting hostname, that seems pretty straight forward. However, I can’t see anyone setting a domain name.

/etc/resolv.conf is configured with the domain from dhcp as a search field, but I would also like to set a devices domain to match that [ there are some reasons for this other than house keeping :slight_smile: ]

Is there any way of doing this currently , or suggested solutions ?

Cheers, Just

the hostname-control interface allows access to the hostnamectl command, just hand over an FQDN (i.e. not just the hostname) and it should set it up for you AFAIK

Ahh, you’re right, that is pretty much it. I new hostnamectl was what the snap interface allowed for, but for some reason didn’t realise that it could be used to configure a FQDN as well.