Developing graphical "kiosk snaps" on the desktop

Developing graphical “kiosk snaps” on the desktop

Kiosk snaps made easy

I’ve recently written some notes about snapping Wayland applications for use on both Ubuntu Core and classic systems:

Running mir-kiosk on the desktop

Assuming that your desktop environment is based on X11 and mesa, it has just become easier to test snaps built the above way on your desktop.

A fix to the wayland inteface has just landed in the --edge version of snapd which means you can easily use mir-kiosk (and other confined Mir servers, like egmde-confined-desktop) on your desktop with snaps built with the above technique:

snap install --edge snapd
snap install mir-kiosk

That gets you a “Mir-on-X” window with mir-kiosk running inside it. Leave this running while opening another command-line tab (or window) for the next section.

Running your “kiosk snaps” on the desktop

There are several snaps in the store built using the above “made easy” technique. The idea is that you develop and use your own, but I’ll illustrate with mir-kiosk-scummvm:

snap install mir-kiosk-scummvm

You should see your application running in the Mir-on-X window.