Desktop: allow access to host hunspell dictionaries

Oct '17
As was done by @jamesh for system fonts 6, I wonder if we could expose to snaps hunspell dictionaries installed on the host, through the desktop interface.

I have just added support for spellchecking 5 to the libreoffice snap, and I can imagine that other snaps might want to do the same. This involves adding all relevant hunspell-* and myspell-* dictionaries to stage-packages, and exporting the DICPATH environment variable to allow hunspell to locate them inside the snap. This is not ideal as shipping all those dictionaries makes the snap larger, whereas typically on a desktop the user will have installed only the dictionaries that she needs, not all of them.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


You may want to check out The Hunspell Dictionaries Content Snaps as a solution which can share the same set of hunspell dictionaries between snaps.

Also refer: Desktop: allow access to host hunspell dictionaries