Deregistering snap name / regaining owner ship of revoked snap name from store

I am having issues with registering / deregistering names on the snap store.

  1. I cannot find a way to deregister a snap name. I would like to clean up some of the names I have registered for testing.

  2. I tried deleting a snap from the snap store. However, after the deletion I get a message that the ownership of the snap has been revoked and I cannot register a snap with the same name.

Could anybody help in registering / deregistering snap names?


My understanding is that this is a manual process at this point in time. You would just make the request here on the forum whenever you needed to deregister something. I have no experience with the other scenario though. Hopefully someone else will pipe up in here.

@jalim As you have described, the store currently only allows publishers to delete snaps (once they are uploaded), but we could also support direct deletion revocation of unused names. However I wonder if the motivation is only driven by the cluttered UI or typos or there is something else missing.

It is perfectly fine to hold an unused name indefinitely, if it’s ever legitimately needed by someone else, they will file a name dispute and we will evaluate the “transferring”, so the cleanup process is not really needed, unless desired.

Meanwhile, you can send me the names you want to cleanup (direct-message here should work) and I’ve filed requesting the changes.

Hi! I accidentally revoked a snap name I am planning to use and there does not seem to be a function to re-enable it? Also there seems to be absolutely not other support channel than this forum?

How did you revoke your snap name? by clicking on the trashcan icon to “delete snap forever”?

What kind of support channel would you suggest or prefer over the forum?

Yes, I clicked on the trashcan in the hopes that it would do what it says, and then let me run through the same process again from the beginning. Now the name is still registered, showing a status of “revoked” and is not letting me create a new snap with the same name.

When I try I get the message "Error: You previously owned ‘…’ but it was revoked. "

As for support channel, I would prefer email instead of having to register another online account and having to post on a public forum.

So after reading the bugreport at that @cprov mentioned, I thought maybe my problems come from never having pushed a revision before, and that this would maybe open up more options, but alas, no solution there.

When trying to push via the command line I get

You are not the publisher or allowed to push revisions for this snap. To become the publisher, run "snapcraft register ..." and try to push again.

So I try to register from the command line and I get
Registration failed.

So is there someone that could just wipe the name/record from the database and let me start over? I cannot use another name, it is the name of existing software after all.

Otherwise, either options for this appear on the website at some point, or I give up on this whole snap idea. Thought it looked good and I’d give it a try. Well…

@h3xl3r as I’ve suggested before, your particular case is fixed and I’ve sent you the details via a direct-message in the forum.

We will design and implement a better story for name-registration and all its corner cases, for instance, easily freeing unused or mis-registered names and preventing (and reverting) accidental deletion.

We need this topic to evolve so we can understand the points where the current experience fails, e.g.:

The current snap deletion procedure is not the “reset” you expected, or at least, it can’t be as simple for the general case where snaps are already installed and enabled in devices. On one hand the store has to convey the publisher intention (fresh-start, don’t want to be related with this code, this code is doing bad things, etc) and on the other that information has to be propagated clearly to devices so snapd can take the appropriate action (freeze or disable the snap) and communicate the device owner.

Hey there,

Would it be possible for you to cleanup “tokenpayd” off of my profile as well? I know i am not the op of this thread but i recently ran into the same issue since i am new to the platform.

I was under the impression that removing the repo would free the name up to be recreated.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi there,

I see that you are using tokenpayd-v2 now, I can remove tokenpayd but
that means other developer can register and use it later. Is that fine by
you ?

If you don’t mind helping me to understand the problem further, what is
exactly bothering you about having a revoked/reserved name around ?



I fully intend on registering tokenpayd back under my account - I screwed up and revoked it thinking i would be able to recreate it.

Feedback: there needs to be an option to “delete” a snap repo whilst still being able to re-utilize the registered repo.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @cryptorekt

I’ve released tokenpayd, go ahead and register it again before someone else does :-/

I am not sure what you mean by “delete a snap repo”. Are you talking about GH repositories registered in ? Or perhaps you mean the actual snap and its revisions in the Store ? In case of the latter, I suppose you are looking for a way to ‘reset’ your snap and start over.


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