[DEPRECATED] The classic-launch Remote Part

DEPRECATED: The remote part feature has been deprecated by Snapcraft and thus this shouldn’t be used in new snaps.

This remote part provides necessary runtime changes to deal with several problems in a snap with classic confinement, including:

How to use

Merge the following snapcraft.yaml snippet:

   # Depended by classic-launch part

  # Deal with problems of classic snaps 

and prepend classic-launch to the apps command chain:

    command: bin/workaround-snap-arch-triplet "${SNAP}"/bin/classic-launch "${SNAP}"/bin/app-launch "${SNAP}"/bin/app

The implementation

The snaps that use this remote part


Please refer to the issue tracker for bug reporting, general support questions can be posted below.

For generic remote part usage refer: Remote (reusable) parts

Happy snapcrafting!