Deprecated Helm version is broken

Hi everyone!
This is a bug for HELM Kubernetes package manager. The version 1.8.2 bundled in snap has regressions. It treats local file links as http//:.
Now I moved to a binary ELF file, v1.9.1. It works, but in sake of consistency I’d move back to snap. Please update the Helm’s version.

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2.9.0 is currently available in --beta. Could you try it out and report whether it works correctly for you?

Pinging @popey and @Wimpress to query releasing to stable.

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Thanks @lucyllewy . I briefly tested 2.9.1 and pushed to stable.


Thanks @popey , @lucyllewy !
v2.9.1 works! Now I’m back in snaps.
But there was a strange thing about doing
$ ln -sT ~/snap/helm/common/kube ~/.kube
But now it sees the Kubeconfig again. My Kubectl is also installed from snap.