Deno - VS Code extension configuration


I’m having an issue setting up Deno with VS Code on Ubuntu 23.04.

I tried to install the Deno Snap and that works using my terminal, but I haven’t been able to get it to work with the official Deno extension for VS Code (Deno for VSCode v3.26.0).

When installing Deno using the shell (cur) method, I could install it and then modify the path in the Code/User/settings.json file.

For example, the variable I had to provide within the settings.json file was

    "deno.path": "/home/[YOUR USERNAME]/.deno/bin/deno"

I then had to look enter the VS Code command (cmd+shift+p):

Deno: Initialize workspace configuration

Once that is done, the Deno Language Server successfully starts. This should be visible in the VS Code console output.

What would be the equivalent way to configure the VS Code plugin to work when using the Deno Snap? If there is a convenient way to do it, I would highly recommend getting it added to the documentation. I haven’t seen information about this anywhere.

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