Delhi track for snap edgex-influx-proxy



I would like to request a delhi track for my edgex-influx-proxy snap, which is made to work with the EdgeX Foundry project and corresponding edgexfoundry snap.
There are mutually incompatible versions on the latest branch and the delhi release track of the edgexfoundry snap, so since my snap is primarily intended to be used with the edgexfoundry snap, I would like to have a delhi branch of my snap to be used with the delhi branch of the edgexfoundry snap.

See also Delhi track for edgexfoundry snap



+1, as OP states, this is necessary for the different releases of the associated edgexfoundry


+1 too, this is consistent with track usage and semantics on the closely-related edgexfoundry snap.

We’ll create the track in a few days once the comment period expires.


  • Daniel


Since we’ve passed the 7-day mark and we have 2 +1’s can this track be made?




The track has been created (+2 votes from reviewers at the end of the voting period).


  • Daniel