Deadbeef plugins folder?

I installed deadbeef-vs from the snap-store and I downloaded a handful of plugins, but I can’t get it to work. I’ve tried copying it to ~/.local/lib/deadbeef/ as intended, didn’t work, then tried ~/.local/lib64/deadbeef/ and ~/.local/lib32/deadbeef/ but doesn’t work either. Also tried ~/snap/deadbeef-vs/5/.local/lib ~/snap/deadbeef-vs/5/.local/lib64 ~/snap/deadbeef-vs/5/.local/lib32, and none of them worked. Can anyone help me?

try to contact the author of the snap, it should surely be possible that he adds a layout in the snapcraft.yaml to enable using plugins from ~/snap/deadbeef-vs/current/.local/lib

$ snap info deadbeef-vs|grep contact

Alright, I’ve contacted the author. Thanks for the suggestion!

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So the author contacted me and it turns out you have to put the plugins into ~/home/snap/deadbeef-vs/current/.local/lib/deadbeef or ~/home/snap/deadbeef-vs/current/.local/lib64/deadbeef

I got it wrong by having them inside ~/deadbeef/plugins instead of just ~/deadbeef/
It happened because the downloadable plugins is inside a folder called “plugins” in the archive, so I made that error.

But putting it inside ~/home/.local/lib/deadbeef or ~/home/.local/lib64/deadbeef still doesn’t work (because it’s a snap). So there’s a note for someone experiencing the same issue as I have.

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awesome, he should perhaps put that info in the package description :wink:

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I’ve also updated the info to him, so hopefully he would add the info. :smiley: :+1:

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